1960 Born in Seoul, Korea
1984 Honglk University College of Fine Art(B.F.A)
Honglk University College of Fine Art Graduated Student



Solo Exhibition

2012(Soul Art Space, Pusan)
2011 2011(Topo house Gallery,Seoul)
2010(Hanwon Museum, Seoul)
2009(T,J,H Gallery, Seoul)
2008(Topo house Gallery,Seoul)
1995((Art Center, Seoul)
1994(Gallery de Seoul, Seoul)
1987(Kwan-Hun Gallery, Seoul)
1987 1989(Soo Gallery, Seoul)


Group Exhibition

2012 Korean Modern art Status and Prospects (Gwangju Museum of Art )
HaHa Hoho, hand fan painting exhibition (Lotte Department Gallery, Seoul)
Korea Christian Art Feast 2012(Milal Museum, Seoul)

Hope Starts Here (Soul Art Space, Pusan)
Passion & Creative (Ruminarie Gallery, seoul)
KARLSRUHE 2011 Art Fair (Germany karlsruhe)

2010 Silent Wind (g-being gallery, seoul)

2008 Contemporary Art Exhibition Held by Kook-Min Daily. (Sejong Center For The Performing Arts, Seoul)

2000 Exhibition: Discourses on Art (Art Center, Seoul)
Exhibition: Art on its field and Passion of Artists (Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul)
1998 Exhibition Ecole De Seoul (Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul)

1997 Dance, Art, Poem, (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)

1996 Nationwide Exhibition: Art for the Environment(Gyeonggi Arts center, Suwon)

1995 Exhibition 'AFTER' (Kong Pyong Gallery, Seoul Exhibition of Korean)
Modern Young Artist (Gallery of Choson Uniw, Kwang Ju)
Coup D'eta of the Place (Seoul City Gallery, Seoul)
Kitch and Yellow Bell (Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul)
On the Boder Line of Supumato (Art Space Seoul, Seoul)

1993 The Wind that Blows Sheerly (Art Center, Seoul)
Exhibition 'Korean Modern Art. The Stream of New Generation
<CITY, THE PLACE OF LIFE> (Art Center, Seoul)
The Answerer, The Auto biological Search (Dada Gallery, Pusan)
1992 Exhibition 'APRIL' (Porm Gallery, Seoul)
Exhibition 'Historical of WQave-Movement Spouting' (Pyok-A Gallery, Taegu)
From Mt. Paik du to Tomal (Land's end) (Inje Gallery, Kwangju)

1991 Exhibition of Horizontal Art of the Turning Age (Kumho Gallery, Seoul)
Exhibition of Regretable View about Last Ten Decades of Our History (Total Gallery, Seoul)
Invitational Exhibition for Opening Celebration of Huin Gallery (Huin Gallery, Seoul)

1990 Exhibition of Young Suggestion for Tomorrow (Seoul Museum Of Art, Seoul)
New Year's Exhibition of Seoul Chungnam Gallery (Chungnam Gallery, Seoul)
Exhibition of '90 Korean Modern Artist that is Evented by Seoul City Gallery
(Seoul City Gallery)
5th Pusan Young Artist Biennale (Pusan Art Center, Pusan)
1989 META VOX Exhibition for Dissolation
"Contact with Art, Music, Poem and Dance" The Contemporary Korean Art (Total Museum)
'89 The Korean young Artist Biennale (The Naional Museum of Moden Art, Kwacheon)
"The Thirties : Beyond the Object" (Fine Art Center)

1988 Late Modernism Show (Hyun Dai Gallery, Seoul)
'80 Arts Condition of Korea Modern Art (Han-Kang Museum, Seoul)
"Anti Surface, Solid" (Batang-gol Gallery, Seoul)
'88 Korea Comtemporary Art Festival (National Museum of Modern Art, Kwacheon)
Contact with Art and Poem Dance The Object and Language Exhibition (Total Gallery, Seoul)
Exhibition of Group META-VOX (Art Center, Seoul)
Invitational Exhibition for 6 Artists (Gallery Soo, Seoul)
The Exhibition of Important Artist in '87 (Seoul Museum, Seoul)

1987 Exhibition of Group META-VOX (Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul)
16Seoul Young Artists Exhibition (Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul)
11th Independent Exhibition (Art Center, Seoul)
Exhibition of Plate and Structure(Hujeon Gallery, Seoul)

1986 EXODUS전 (관훈미술관, 서울)
서울 젊은작가 12인전 (관훈미술관, 서울)
86 표현의 연역과 귀납전 (후화랑, 서울)
META-VOX전 (백송화랑, 서울)

1985 85Exhibition of Direction(yoon Gallery, Seoul)
평면 구조전 (후, 전화랑. 서울)
제11회 앙데팡당전 (미술회관, 서울)
서울 젊은작가 16인전 (관훈미술관, 서울)
Group META-VOX 창립전 (후화랑, 서울)

1984 10th Seoul Contemorary Art Festival (Art Center, Seoul)
Synchronism Exihibition (Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul)
Etching Exibition by 6Artists (yoon Gallery, Seoul)
From Separation to Gethering Exhibition (Kwanhun Gallery, Seoul)

1983  10th Independent Exhibition (National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul)
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